We Only Got Less Than N1Million From The N2Million Davido Sent – Mohbad Father Cries Out For Help (Video)


Mohbad’s Dad, Mohbad and Davido
Mohbad’s dad, Mohbad and Davido 

Joseph Ayoba, the father of the late musician Mohbad, revealed that he currently only has 1 million naira left of the 2 million naira Davido sent to him after his son passed away. The financial assistance given to the family during this trying period is clarified by this information.

Yes, that is accurate. Following the unfortunate death of his son, Davido, whose real name is David Adeleke, paid the sum of 2 million naira to Mohbad's father, Joseph Ayoba, as a show of sympathy.
Mr. Joseph Ayoba claimed in a video that appeared online that he only has 1 million of the 2 million supplied by Davido. This movie sheds light on how the family's financial support was distributed and used.
One million of the two million donated by Davido, according to Mr. Joseph Ayoba, was collected by Mohbad's friend Da Rocha to buy a coffin and make arrangements for his funeral. However, Da Rocha only brought back 100,000 naira instead of the full amount. The costs associated with Mohbad's funeral are clarified by this information.

Mr. Joseph Ayoba continued by saying that other from Da Rocha, who returned 100,000 naira of the one million naira that had been taken for funeral costs, he had not seen any of his son's friends since that time. The difficulties and complications of managing the financial ramifications of a loved one's demise are highlighted by this material.

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