Even with your 'Awolowo' name you're nothing - BBN's Tacha rips into Seyi


Tacha and seyi
Tacha and Seyi

We anticipated it coming because he "poked the bear," and she didn't let us down.
Tacha, a contestant on Big Brother Naija, hit back at Seyi Awolowo, another reality personality, for making crude remarks about her.
Taking to her Twitter account on Thursday, September 7, 2023, she posted an old clip from her time in the house where she was talking about him. Speaking to the housemates she noted that Awolowo's accomplishments pale in comparison to hers, saying. "What I have achieved at age 23, at his age he cannot achieve. If not for brother he wouldn't even be close to achieving anything, and that's the truth."

In her caption, she took her shots at the blacklisted socialite, letting him know that her words as of then ring true today. Tacha noted that even though he descends from the Awolowo bloodline and had a second chance at winning the show, he is still no match for her. The radio host reminded him that she has her own platform which she'd soon use to serve him a taste of his medicine.
Her tweet read, “And nothing HAS CHANGED! Even with your Awolowo name AND A RERUN Of the show you no still reach. Dragging you NOT ON A PODCAST But ON MY OWN SHOW. Snaiyee YOU CAN'T RELATE."
Tacha continued, reminding him of his sexist remark from the broadcast in which he called a woman a maniac. Then she forewarned him that she would not be deterred and would come after him during her performance.

In her words, "I was on my own lool. he called me an evil spirit unprovoked!! Like they gave you another chance to be something in life!! But instead, you went in there to further derail yourself!! And I’m supposed to envy you?? Shey you Dey wyn me ni."

This comes after Awolowo mocked her during his post-eviction interview with DSTV’s Miz Vick. He and fellow evictee, Ike Onyema, starred in the interview together, and Onyema gave a shoutout to Tacha for promoting the Big Brother show.

Awolowo then chimed in saying, "Thank you for promoting the show, even though I’m sure you thought the Big Brother Naija organisers would call you for the all-star edition."

Clearly, she did not take kindly to his snarky remark.

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