Bolanle Ninalowo Finally Reacts to Trending Old Interview of Cheating on His Wife: “A Conqueror Doesn’t Speak”


Bolanle Ninolowo and wife
Bolanle Ninolowo and wife 

An old video of Bolanle Ninalowo confessing to cheating on his wife resurfaced a few hours after he claimed he had split from his wife Bunmi. Many believed the actor's prior behavior was what ultimately caused the marriage to fail, but he denied this in a statement. In a post on his Instagram account, Ninalowo said that he owes no one an explanation, particularly the bloggers who he called out as being hypocrites.

Bolanle Ninalowo, a well-known Nollywood actor, has finally spoken out about the web rumors surrounding his failed marriage. The actor claimed in a post on his Instagram story channel that he is a conqueror and does not need to explain his choices in life to anyone.

Ninalowo criticized bloggers for reposting the viral video and stated that it was made six years earlier, before he had mended his marriage, which ultimately ended in divorce. The actor revealed that people are worried about him while he is partying, which implied that his failed marriage was an attempt by him to flee.

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Netizens react to Ninalowo's comment Mixed reactions greeted the actor's statement, as many people knocked him for speaking even when his opening line said he wouldn't. Read some of the comments gathered below: 

victorokpalan:Let’s all be human and allow people either grieve or enjoy in peace. Nobody goes into marriage planning to divorce."

 ___ewatomilola___: "What’s this write up? Seems like what a narcissistic can dona you sabi."

kanmelu: "Na u dey post ur family back to back via happy family and all of a sudden una Don end." 

queen___gilbert: "Bloggers should just let them heal. Divorce/separation is not easy especially when they once experienced love in the union."

pweetie_ik: "Let the divorced breath." 

beygood1992: "And d wife hasnt said a WORD.....I always respect her maturity . Oga u have grown kids, rest abeg and let ur family heal in peace." 

soberdrunk88: "Unless he never loved her, there is no way you will lose something you love and not feel bad even if it's toothpick." 

edible_fantasies: "It's how the conqueror that claims not to speak is actually speaking ‍♂️ plus, how do you say you're "jubilating" over something you portrayed earlier as a sad decision? In this life ehn just resist the to urge to shalaye because”

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