That Smile on Her Face": Hilda Baci Competes With Lady on the Dancing Floor, Makes Waist Moves in Video


Hilda baci dancing

Hilda Baci, the celebrated chef who holds the Guinness world record for the longest hours of cooking, has shared a viral Facebook video of herself and a lively friend having a good time on the dance floor. The two women looked ecstatic and carefree as they flaunted their amazing moves and shook their hips.

Hilda Baci has shared a viral Facebook video of herself dancing and shaking her hips with a lively friend The two women looked overjoyed as they showed off their amazing moves to the rhythm of the music The video captured a moment of pure happiness for the chef, who achieved her record breaking feet a few months ago.

The 27-year-old, who surpassed Lata Tondon's record in a 4-day cooking marathon at Amore Gardens, Lekki in Lagos, shared the cost while releasing WhatsApp chats as she defended herself in the ongoing N3m saga 

In the screenshot sighted on her Insta Story, Hilda told the Abuja brand that she spent over N80 million so people could eat and drink for free. 

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Bigbrothergisthub complied some reactions

compiled some of the reactions below: @CallMeeKelz reacted: "Me too Il soon be friend with them." 

@Don Matthew said: "I'm right there with you! Support everyone." 

@RunWorldsupport wrote: "Hilda nah one very simple person swears..I no even they look the other wan mak e carry yanshhhhhhhhh cover screen." 

Comedian Koba commented: "Them go soon touch your weeking point." 

@Adegoke Oluwatoba: "@hildabaci. you can't just hate her... Her smile can melt a metal.'

 @Itz lvy Gold: "One thing I so much love about Hilda baci ,it's she always having dat smile on her face." 


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