“It pained me to my stomach” Toyin Lawani faults Doyin for dragging Venita Akpofure’s kids into their fight


Toyin Lawani, Doyin and Venita
Toyin lawani,Doyin and Venita

Toyin Lawani, a celebrity stylist from Nigeria, has commented on the conflict between Doyin and Venita Akpofure, housemates on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Ike received a strike from Biggie for throwing items belonging to Ilebaye on the floor, according to Kemi Filani's report on Friday.

Ike, Pere, Kiddwaya, and Seyi conspired to disqualify Ilebaye from the competition by giving her a third strike. Ilebaye already has two strikes against her.

They both agreed when Ike proposed the notion of flushing her possessions down the toilet and into the bathroom aisle.

Ilebaye was distraught and sobbed uncontrollably when fellow housemate Angel called her attention to the fact that her stuff were strewn across the floor.

Biggie had shown the video to every resident, earning Ike a failing grade for bullying.

Doyin, who is close to Ilebaye, was upset that Venita didn't defend Ilebaye even though she was aware of their plot.

As the tension between them grew, Doyin insulted her and included her kids in the argument. Because of the kind of person Venita is, she shared her worries for her two children.

I feel sorry for Venita's future children. Who does she think she is as a mother?

Toyin voiced her displeasure with Doyin including Venita's kids in their drama on her Instagram page.

She declared that individuals need to learn to avoid bringing other people's children into conflicts, calling it "all shades of wrong" in doing so.

"I don't give a damn about what happened; people need to quit involving people's kids in conflicts. Like, show some consideration for others' children. Gish, incorrect in every way.

Children are off limits.

I can only say this since I watch BBN online.

Including children in altercations is a strict no-no.

all hues of incorrect.

I'm not siding with anyone and I don't give a damn about what happened, but what I just witnessed made me sick to my stomach. Yes, mother @veezeebaybeh is enjoying a game with her family in a residence.

Nobody is flawless.

People don't like Onikaluku's behavior, and spectators constantly pass judgment. It's a reality program, yet they fight her and make fun of the fact that she has two children and is destined to be a mother. Any mention of her children is offensive, common. Go back to school if you can't grasp my English.

That's a fucking low blow, and it's disgusting.

She said after showing a video of Doyin humiliating Venita.

Where I come from in Yoruba land, this is called EPE.

Go and ask someone to help you translate.

Like I said kids are off-limits and this is a No-No for me.

I don’t care who is right or wrong.

Wahala tiwon niyen.

I refuse to mention anyone else.

This act is exactly my concern. She’s trying to fight for what’s right Abi?

But at the end of the day doing it the wrong way.

May Venita’s kids not find themselves in that situation in Jesus’ name. Amen”.

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