I Remember When I Used to Wash Ladies Pant as A Cleaner” – Ola of Lagos Speaks on Life Before Fame


Ola of Lagos
Ola of Lagos 
Waris Olayinka Akinwande, popularly known as “Ola of Lagos,” has spoken out about his incredible path from cleaner to sought-after influencer.

In an exclusive interview with Cool FM, the social media sensation discussed the ups and downs that formed his route to popularity.
Ola of Lagos recounts her remarkable journey to prominence.

Ola found himself immersed in the frenetic city of Lagos when he initially came, with hopes of making a name for himself.

His initial job was a far cry from the glitz and glamour he is now associated with – he worked as a cleaner, meticulously washing houses and clothes, even taking on the task of cleaning ladies’ pants. He reminisced about his persistence in approaching people, pitching his cleaning services to them.

The transformation from a cleaner to an influencer specializing in automotive content was a journey marked by passion and determination.

Ola of Lagos expressed that his foray into creating skits and videos centered around cars was driven by his innate love for capturing moments and sharing them online.

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