How can you trust boyfriend’, TikTok star, Esther Raphael blamed over leaked nu3e video ordea


Esther Buba girl 

Nollywood actress Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokiari has waded into Esther Raphael (The Buba Girl) predicament, blaming the TikTok star for her lea3ed se3 tape.

The actress wondered how a woman of Esther’s calibre could trust a man to the extent of sharing her nude video with him.

“The guy is her boyfriend. How could she trust him to the extent of sharing her nude video with him?

“This is because a lot of young guys are very desperate to do anything to make money. Esther messed up big time.

“You don’t trust men these days. Even wives don’t trust their husbands again,” Arinyedokiari said in a chat with Vanguard.

This is even as some social media users also defended the embattled TikTok star.

One of them, jumia.Boy, described the action of Esther’s boyfriend as “wicked” adding “there’s always one person that will always want to pull you down once you’re excelling.”

Another social media user, jeffina.lewinsky, advised the Buba Girl to be a strong girl, saying “God will never give you what you can’t handle. You’ve got this, can’t wait to see you on my screen again.”

Ma_donna said: “It’s how everyone is judging the lady but no one is actually talking about the boy that leaked the video.

“She did what she did. It was wrong but body na her body, life na her own, the boy she trusted to send it to nko?”

Esther sent internet agog, yesterday, after a video of herself engaged in a live masturbation was leaked online

The Calabar-born TikTok star is said to have been blackmailed by some guys about a year ago, who decided to leak her video because she didn’t agree to their terms.

Esther reportedly sent her nude video to her boyfriend. It was meant to be seen just once.

But the boyfriend recorded it with another phone. In the process, others boys got the video and demanded money to keep it secret. Esther refused to yield.


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