Big Brother Parrot exposes Ike’s talk about pimping Venita to big boys

Ike and Venita
Ike and Venita 

Ike Onyema, a contestant from Season 8 All-Star Edition of BBNaija, was at the center of a startling revelation when a household parrot repeated his open confession about setting up Venita and other female reality stars with large boys at parties.

During the normal daily routines of the house, a housemate with keen hearing noticed that the parrot was behaving strangely, attracting the attention of the other housemates.

The parrot then proceeded to imitate Ike Onyema's previous private conversation, in which he freely admitted to arranging social connections between BBNaija women and wealthy individuals.

Ike's direct remark stunned his fellow housemates, prompting a flurry of discussion and adding a new dimension of drama to the ongoing BBNaija reality show.

The roommates were stunned when the parrot uncannily imitated Ike's comments about planning parties for his acquaintances and inviting BBNaija female contestants to attend.

In Ike's terms:

“I make money from PR, we organize parties and these boys call me to arrange big Brother babes for them. Venita knows how many times I have called her. I make the most money when I give BBNaija girls to ballers including Venita.”

The inclusion of Venita Akpofure's name in his statement insinuated a direct connection between her and Ike's actions, which fueled the debate even further.

Citizen Responses...

Global Ken: “Ike made a veryyyyyyyyyy big mistake gisting about it in the first place.”

nora: “omo the parrot thing doesn’t make sense sha now the housemates would be fearing to gossip and their gossip sweet die.”

na_hzar: “Make parrot talk mercy own about ike. biggy must come out.”

thick girly: “Why won’t she knew who it is, when it’s true.”

Debbie_Apedo: “And they are talking about my Bayeeee kissing boys in the house.”

Queennimash: “Reunion go start inside the house.”

Quintasha: “Too bad venita, if u get boyfriend he go hear ha! Nawaoo.”

ABENA: “This parrot will play plots and gossips. People are in trouble. Pere’s own is next. Tag me when it comes.”

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