Nigerian man 'goes blind' during bizarre seven-day 'cry-a-thon' (but he won't be getting a Guinness World Record)

Man went temporarily blilnd trying to attempt Guinness record feat
Man went temporarily blilnd trying to attempt Guinness record feat 

man who endeavored to cry for 100 hours reported that he became temporarily blind.

The attempt to surpass the record is among the surge of videos that has swept Nigeria.

The 'town cryer' promoted his efforts on TikTok and received millions of views.

A Nigerian man who cried for an entire week revealed that he became temporarily blind.

Tembu Ebere endured headaches, puffy eyes, and a swollen visage as a result of his nonstop 'cry-a-thon', which was an attempt to break the Guinness World Record.

However, according to the BBC, he went partially blind for 45 minutes.

Ebere, who claims to be a comedian, advertised his work on TikTok and, using the username @237_towncryer, told his followers, "Send me your problems, and I will cry for you."

The man claimed he went temporarily unconscious during a 'cry-a-thon' attempt for the Guinness World Record; while promoting his efforts on TikTok, he sat next to a live timer that read 2 hours and seven minutes plus six

Tembu Ebere of Nigeria reported experiencing migraines, puffy eyes, a swollen face, and 45 minutes of temporary blindness.

Since its upload under the username @237_towncryer, the video has amassed 5.3 million views. TikTokers applaud his effort.

He sat sobbing and clutching his head next to a real-time clock that read 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Ebere's video has received 5.3 million views from bewildered TikTokers around the world, with some even applauding him. One said, 'Go buddy, you can do it.'

Others joked, "I've probably cried longer," and "No, I still hold that record."

The 'town crier' told the BBC: 'I had to change my strategy and reduce my wailing,' adding that he was determined to sob his way to his objective.

The BBC did not disclose the cause of his temporary blindness. However, the sensation can be caused by migraines and an increase in intraocular pressure.

Despite the difficulties he has encountered, he allegedly has not formally applied to Guinness World Records, so his attempt will not be recognized.

Despite posting on social media that it was an official attempt, this is the case.

The official records site in Nigeria has witnessed a flurry of record-breaking attempts, spurred by a chef's four-day cooking marathon that gained widespread attention.

Hilda Baci's endeavor to cook continuously for 100 hours attracted so much attention that the Guinness World Records website crashed for two days.

As she worked to 'place Nigerian cuisine on the map,' the public, celebrities, and Nigeria's vice president applauded her efforts.

Hilda Baci's endeavor to cook continuously for 100 hours in Nigeria sparked a record-breaking frenzy.

In Nigeria, Hilda Baci ignited a record-breaking frenzy when she attempted to cook continuously for 100 hours.

She accomplished 93 hours, surpassing the previous cook-a-thon in India in 2019, and garnered worldwide attention.

She accomplished 93 hours, surpassing the previous cook-a-thon in India in 2019, and garnered worldwide attention.

The 26-year-old's time of 93 hours and 11 minutes surpassed the 2019 record established in India for a cooking marathon.

People participated in kiss-a-thons, sing-a-thons, and prayer-a-thons as a result of her accomplishments.

John Obot, a Nigerian educator, told the BBC in September 2023 that he would endeavor to spend 140 hours reading classic literature aloud.

He stated that he chose a meaningful record for the purpose of promoting reading culture in Nigeria.

Other endeavors have been met with opposition for being offensive. A proposed world record attempt for kissing was prohibited in the state of Ekiti, and organizers were threatened with prison time if the event went forward.

A statement from the culture ministry stated, "[The] 'kiss-a-thon' as an event is not only absurd, immoral, and unhealthy, but also capable of degrading the image of Ekiti."

During the live broadcast, a masseuse who was undertaking a 72-hour massage-a-thon fainted. The young woman lasted 53 hours before collapsing on her client and having to be revived by her assistant.

Guinness World Records has advised record-breaker hopefuls to exercise caution and communicate with the organization or risk being disqualified.

The organization posted on social media, "Please, enough with the record-a-thons."

Some Nigerians questioned whether the record organization was "tired" of their country, prompting the organization to state that it welcomed "applications from all over the world."

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