Lady sets boyfriend’s clothes on fire after alleged cheating despite taking blood oath (Video)

Nigerian lady sets boyfriend cloth on fire
Nigerian lady sets boyfriend cloth on fire 

An attempt by a Nigerian woman to establish love and trust with her partner through a blood covenant resulted in treachery and violence, leaving a trail of charred clothing and broken hearts.

Unknown to the public, the young woman revealed a startling truth about the chain of incidents that occurred after she and her boyfriend participated in the ceremony.

The lady claimed that to demonstrate her love and trust for her partner, she proposed the notion of a blood covenant.

He hesitated at first, but then consented to take part in the ceremony, which required cutting oneself and collecting the blood in a vessel.

Social media users posted disturbing video of the rite, which showed them combining their blood to form a tie that would last forever. The action was intended to represent the two people's unshakable bond.

However, the woman's curiosity caused her to look at her boyfriend's phone, shattering the supposedly indestructible relationship. She was shocked to find compromising communications that revealed his adultery.

The communications showed that he was in a relationship with another female while cheating on her with her, and he also ridiculed her, leaving the woman feeling betrayed and hurt.

The woman, driven by rage and grief, took radical action and set fire to her boyfriend's clothes, sparking an argument between them. Sadly, things got out of hand, and she claims her boyfriend assaulted her, leaving her with a swollen face.

The lady's brother had to step in and request aid from the authorities once the situation deteriorated to that point.

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