BBNaija All Stars: Mercy Prophesy Doom on Housemate

Mercy and other housemates
Mercy and other housemates 

The ongoing BBNaija Season 8 All Stars edition is becoming increasingly intriguing as Mercy Eke foretells the end of Adekunle's tenure as Head of House. As per tradition, Adekunle is safe from eviction on Sunday because he was the first housemate to earn Head of House in this season's edition.

Mercy Eke and Adekunle Beef Brief After he won the Head of House game and everyone returned to their normal activities, Mercy and the other housemates waited outside for him to read the wager brief as the Head of House, but Adekunle did not come out.

This action did not sit well with Mercy, as she challenged Adekunle and told him that he would lose his wager as Head of House. In the show, it is always a negative sign when the house loses a wager during the reign of the Head of House, as the leader feels like a failure.

Adekunle was correct in stating that all companions must have been exhausted from the day's work in order to read the wager the following day, but Mercy refused to listen because she insisted they read the wager brief immediately.

She stated that they claim to be exhausted, but instead of resting, they are all giggling and joking. Pere, Soma, and a few other housemates approached her to warn her about why she always trod on them, not just Adekunle, but she informed them that she would do it to anyone, not just him, and that they should deal with it.

Adekunle, however, gathered the other housemates and explained why the brief was not read. He stated that he believes they are all fatigued and that it would be best to read it when they are all alert. However, her actions have prompted him to come up with an explanation.

He made it clear that everyone will become the Head of House at some point or another, and the actions he receives from them during his own reign will determine how he acts during their reigns. He stated that he would leave her if she became Head of House.

The question now is whether this game of all-stars is a power game because they are all influential people who are attempting to have their voices heard at any cost, despite the fact that many people believe it would be impolite for them to do so. Adekunle has stated that he will address the issue in the morning, when she will be present, but observers are wondering if it is not too early for this entire drama.

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