Phyna Insults Chichi, Reveals How She Abandoned One of Her Child


Phyna and chichi bbn level up
Phyna Insults Chichi, Reveals How She Abandoned One of Her Child

The 'winner' of Big Brother Naija season 7 Phyna abused Chichi, a housemate, by calling her "her mother of two children."

The Big Brother Naija Reunion has started, and housemates are poking fun at one another online.

Social media users are upset over a passage from today's Big Brother Naija reunion, criticising Phyna for her choice of words.

In a video posted on Instagram by Reality TV, Phyna can be heard age-shaming Chichi and calling her a "mother of two with one abandoned and one dead."

She continued by calling Chichi an idiot and saying that she had no right to speak when "human beings are talking because she has silicon fixed in her brains."

Chichi has no right to speak while "human beings are talking," the woman continued, "because she has silicon fixed in her brains."

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Reacting to the post;

@Beccadamz: “At least Chichi has two children that are alive, phyna the 9 children you killed through abortion nko? Werey”.

@Perfec_ “Very stupid fool 🤮 what gives her the right to judge others??? Then later she will come out here and form a victim likewise she’s a devil herself 😒”.

@Phyne_Phace “Phyna is an embarrassment🤮🤮 just look at how everyone including Ebuka is turned off.”

@Ruthymili “Nahhh…was so unnecessary….I like phyna oooo…But then ain’t defending this abeg abeg”.

Abasianthony: “Chichi born two pikins and abandoned them in the village and you aborted two children What’s the difference between you and Chi-Chi??

You shouldn’t even be talking about that if you actually have shame, you’re so shameless and your noise is not. So calling Chi-Chi senseless doesn't make sense because you're also senseless. If you had any sense, you wouldn't skip what you were asked to talk about what you weren't asked. You were asked why you people fall out not to discuss Chi-Chi's age. You shouldn't have done that.

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