Phyna and Groovy discuss the reasons behind their breakup.


Groovy and Phyna
BBNAIJA groovy and phyna

The BBNaija season seven winner Phyna and Groovy, her former partner and fellow inhabitant, have discussed the reasons behind the breakdown of their relationship.

During their time on the 2022 "Level Up" season of the show, the couple exchanged cutesy moments that made people's tongues wag.

The former roommates revealed that their romance ended in January in the most recent episode of BBNaija's reunion program, which aired on Friday.

According to Groovy, he and Phyna were incompatible, and their disagreements were exacerbated online by various claims made by admirers.

He also refuted the claims that he hurt Phyna physically.

The relationship ended a few months ago, and Groovy admitted that the reason it failed was due to certain irreconcilable disagreements.

"I've always said that the way I view relationships within the house will differ from how I see them outside because we know how intense they can be there.

"I always told her that we'll see how the relationship works when we walk outside because I knew there would be different sensations and vibes there.

"And we tried it when we went outside. The situation was resolved in January, I believe, and was just a personal matter. With Phyna, nothing ever became physical.

I'm not that person; it's not in my genetic makeup. I wasn't brought up that way to be violent or to hurt women physically.

Groovy's "confused and manipulative behavior," according to Phyna, was to blame for their separation.

"When I was by myself, I began to notice websites labeling me an abuser. The BBNaija winner stated, "There was one instance where I believe he displayed a reaction on his face and they claimed I was the one who smacked him.

"At this point, our relationship had ended. I've never hit or offended Groovy, let alone insulted him. You could describe Phyna as razz—loud—but never abusive.

And now that Groovy is confused, that's where things went south in the relationship. Sincerably, he is a master manipulator.

The most recent revelation comes after Phyna previously said their relationship was only a game they both decided to play.

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