My Pastor Paid For Everything, All I Did Was to Cook": Dammy Spills Details About Controversial Cookathon


Nigeria chef,chef dammy
Nigeria chef, chef dammy 

Amid confirmed reports that she is planning another cooking marathon, Chef Dammy has given details about her 120-hour cookathon In a statement issued Saturday, June 17, the chef said her pastor and church members paid for the just concluded cookathon She also said most of the money generated from the cooking marathon is still in her personal account and not taken by her pastor

Chef Dammy has said it was her pastor and church members that paid for her just-concluded cooking marathon. Dammy commenced cooking on Friday, June 9 and the organisers of the event said she cooked for 120 hours.

Controversy plagued the exercise, with some persons accusing her pastor of pushing her into it. But in a statement posted on Twitter by the Spirit Word Global Mission, Dammy cleared the air, saying her pastor and members of her church facilitated the cookathon financially.

My pastor funded my cookathon fully She said all she did was to enter the kitchen and cook. Dammy said she was like the face of the church as she was not involved in the funding. 

Her words: 

"People always criticise about the money coming in but they don't ask about the money that was used to start up the whole program. This program was fully funded by my pastor and a few members of the church. I was not involved in anything. The only thing I did in everything was to cook. I was just the face of the church."

My pastor did not take income from cookathon Dammy says rumours that her pastor took the proceeds of the cookathon were untrue and asked people to stop spreading such lies. She said more than half of the money generated are in her personal account.

Dammy's words: 

"As a matter of fact, all the money that came in for me is not yet up to the money that was used to set up everything. And more than half of the supposed money that came in is still in my personal account. So ongoing rumours about my pastor should please cease."

Dammy also restated that she is coming back for a new 150-hour cookathon in July.

Reactions as Chef Dammy tells full story

 @Hujjartullarh said: "Face of the church.... Let her do her thing and not be the face of anybody..... Well, I hope she follows the rules next time she wants to retry." 

@Quin_didi reacted: "No next month is far dear, start it on Monday. Ride on the popularity you have now."

 @ifyyjames2 said: "Can’t she just hold on a little? She shouldn’t be pushed or pressured at this moment."

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