Khosi is a Fake Housemate? Housemates and Fans in Shock


Bbtitans housemate

The housemates have at last discovered a justification for Khosi's tenacity in the game. They are speculating as to whether Biggie still has any tricks in his sleeve with only two weeks left in the contest.

It makes no sense that they would look at Khosi in their awe. She has received numerous nominations, but she has always prevailed. Despite what appears to be hatred from her housemates, she maintains her composure during the game.

Fans have even speculated that she is in contact with the media crew as a result of her intuition about the game. The male residents of the house expressed their enjoyment at her during a talk.

Even if she was a phony housemate, it was asked of her. Thabang even went so far as to claim that because she was nowhere to be found when he entered the house at one point, he assumed she had departed to get new clothing.

Because they are confident in their influence and voting power and know that the lady they are supporting is not a false housemate, Khosi's supporters were shocked to learn that she was a fake housemate.

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