Reactions when a video of Ifeanyi's nanny was recently released online: She was always busy touching her phone, and she was the one who caused it (video)


Ifeanyi nanny accused of negligence
Ifeanyi nanny accused of negligence

The recent release of a video featuring the late Ifeanyi Adeleke, son of the singer Davido, and his nanny has caused uproar among internet users.

Ifeanyi was shown in the video appearing to be driving while seated in the driver's seat of a vehicle, which appeared to have been recorded by a male.

Ifeanyi responded with a sound befitting a young child when he was asked by the man's voice why he had abandoned his vehicle in order to get into a more substantial vehicle.

The man told Ifeanyi that he would be leaving him with "Aunty Joy" towards the end of the clip while tilting the camera towards her. Ifeanyi was confused by the man's statement. The lady flashed a shy smile whenever she caught a glimpse of the camera.

However, it was possible to see a phone in the woman's hand, which has led to the current outrage from internet users. These users are capitalizing on the fact that a phone was seen in the woman's hand in order to justify claims of negligence, which unfortunately led to the death of the toddler.

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