How too much of water killed martial artist Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

A new examine claims to shed mild at the dying of celebrated movie supermegacelebrity and martial artist Bruce Lee.


The Enter The Dragon actor died in July 1973 on the age of simply 32 after struggling a cerebral oedema (swelling of the brain).

The swelling become idea to be a response to the tranquiliser meprobamate, which made up a part of a painkiller Lee turned into given referred to as Equagesic.

However, a group of researchers has now advised that the oedema turned into due to hyponatraemia.

“In different words, we endorse that the kidney’s incapability to excrete extra water killed Bruce Lee,” the scientists wrote withinside the paper posted withinside the Clinical Kidney Journal.

Several elements recommend that Lee can also additionally were eating strangely excessive portions of liquid on the time because of his diet, which consisted of a number of juices and protein drinks, and using marijuana, which reasons multiplied thirst.

“In summary, Lee had a couple of threat elements predisposing to hyponatraemia due to interference with water homeostasis mechanisms that modify each water consumption and water excretion,” the researchers wrote.

“We hypothesize that Bruce Lee died from a selected shape of kidney dysfunction: the incapability to excrete sufficient water to keep water homeostasis.”

They concluded: “Ironically, Lee made well-known the quote ‘Be water my friend’, however extra water seems to have in the long run killed him.”

Lee changed into reimagined in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

One scene indicates Brad Pitt’s person throwing the martial arts legend (performed via way of means of Mike Moh) right into a automobile after Lee demanding situations Cliff (Pitt) to a fight.

Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, condemned Tarantino for his depiction of her father, calling him “irresponsible” for displaying Lee as “an conceited a**hollow who turned into complete of warm air”.

In an look on Joe Rogan’s podcast remaining year, Tarantino addressed the controversy, saying: “Where I’m coming from is I can recognize his daughter having a hassle with it. It’s her f***ing father. Everyone else: pass suck a d***.”


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