5 things to avoid doing at night


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It's crucial to have a decent night's sleep for your mood, energy level, and general wellness. It also depends on what you do during the day, including how much exercise you get, what you eat, how much you drink, and how cognitively active you are, particularly right before bed.

According to Michael Grandner, PhD, a psychiatry instructor, "When people experience insomnia or other sleep issues, it's frequently because of something they're doing, probably unintentionally, when they should be preparing for rest."

In the opinion of Amanda MacMillan of MedicalNewsToday, the following activities should not be undertaken at night.

1. using a smartphone or other electronic gadget

Sleep disruptions can result from using electronic devices like cell phones and e-readers, as well as from watching television before bed. The author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day, Robert Rosenberg, DO, suggests putting all light-emitting devices away at least an hour before bedtime.

In Health magazine, he claimed that "the blue light emitted by computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs prevents the production of melatonin, which helps the body become sleepy."

2. Using particular drugs

Ask your doctor if the time of day you take your dosage may be keeping you awake if you regularly take medications or supplements and are having trouble falling asleep. Some medications can keep you alert for several hours after taking them, however, the effects may be mild.

For instance, antidepressants can have a significant impact on sleep, and some painkillers might upset your stomach and make it harder to fall asleep.

Also, taking a sleeping aid isn't always the solution. Typically, they are only advised for occasional usage (over-the-counter meds, especially). Therefore, if you discover that you need to take them frequently, discuss your choices with your doctor. It will be safer and more efficient to use a prescription drug for longer than a few weeks at a time, but your greatest option is a longer-term approach that doesn't rely on medication.

3. texting a pal

You could believe that a text message is less distressing than a late-night call. But pause before you text a friend or member of your family, or participate in a group text discussion right before bed. If you keep your phone in or close to your bed while you sleep, responses that come in after you've already gone to bed or retired may wake you up.

Put your phone in another room or set it to silent if you are concerned about receiving texts late at night.

4. skipping your time to wind down

When people complain that they can't relax in bed, it's frequently because they didn't give themselves enough time to unwind in the hour or so before. Your mind will continue to race when you finally get into bed if you don't give yourself time to sit back and think before engaging in another distracting activity.

Put away anything overly stimulating, thought-provoking, or absorbing you brought home from work or action-packed TV shows at least 30 minutes before entering your bedroom.

5. check your email at work

There are other potential issues with checking your email too close to bedtime, including the fact that a blue-light-emitting device can interfere with your body's natural sleep rhythms.

It is advised to avoid checking your email unless you are anticipating a specific message that would calm you down and improve your ability to go sleep. A late-night check-in with the workplace is more likely to leave you feeling anxious or upset or to keep you thinking about things you have to get done the next day.

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