Singer Niyola opens up on loosing her parents and close friend in a space of two years


Niyola, the stage name of Nigerian singer Eniola Akinbo, has spoken openly about the tragedy that befell her in the previous two years.

Niyola, the stage name of Nigerian singer Eniola Akinbo, has spoken openly about the tragedy that befell her in the previous two years.

The 36-year-old singer wrote a lengthy message on her Instagram page to promote the release of her new song, "Olmoránt," and to lament the loss of her parents and close friend to death within a two-year period.


She posted a video of herself crying as she sang the song live and said,

“It’s almost unbelievable to some of my friends when say I am okay after losing a close friend, and both my parents in the space of two years . They believe I am trying to be strong, awaiting the day I really break down and let it out ! Lol

This song Olúmorántí was dedicated to, and named after my father while expressing my confusion and faith in God to keep me going.

I had no idea this night was a declaration of surrender,and a rededication as I unashamedly broke down the first and only time I publicly performed the song. I cried as I sang the words from deep within my heart in front of strangers without a care in the world.
To think that I almost didn’t record it. God bless @moelogo for allowing this come into the realms of reality.

I had not the slightest inkling the depth of God’s love and it’s healing power. To say this revelation changed me would be an understatement! How could I possibly fathom something so deep and immeasurable? It had to be revealed, and then received.
I missed my father, the first man I ever loved and I was numb! I didn’t know how or what to feel just being on earth without my mum and now him.

I have never been one to cry easily but this song was the beginning of the melting of my heart, my journey to vulnerability and acceptance of the true meaning of love. It’s indescribable and so peaceful, nothing else matters.

With this song, God turned my numb heart of stone to flesh . Now I melt to nothing and weep uncontrollably from the overwhelming peace and love I experience every passing second, moment and day, and each time I think of the love my Heavenly Father has for me and how blessed I am to be His own. God is real, and He is love !”

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