Highlights on how Phyna won the show, including her use of hype, Groovy, level up, and passionate relationship

Phyna emerges BBN S7 winner
Phyna emerges BBN S7 winner

Phyna's positive attitude and willingness to take charge of her life in Biggie's House set her up for success as soon as she stepped through the Level 2 doors.

With 40.74 percent of the vote in the final week, Phyna was declared the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 7. 

On October 2, 2022, the Season Finale, which was hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, told who the winner was. 


After a grueling 72 days of competition, the man from Edo State emerged victorious. The odds were stacked against a female housemate, but here we are again declaring a female housemate the winner of Big Brother Naija.

More than a billion votes were cast, more than 40,000 auditions were submitted, and social media engagement records were broken during the seventh season of the BBNaija franchise, making it the most successful season to date. 

Innovating tweaks and turns in the show's plot from the get-go served to maintain interest. In addition, it kept viewers guessing about Big Brother's next move. Given that fans didn't have access to the standard SMS voting platforms this year, the success of this edition is even more impressive.

Viewers were intrigued by Phyna's uncommon swag when she entered the Level Up House, and her high level of enthusiasm garnered widespread media coverage. 

On the first night at the former Level 2, when the housemates were attempting to get to know one another, she made it plain that she was a hype lady and a trailblazer who did not entertain bullshit. There was no doubt at that moment that we were in for an exciting journey.

Her immaculate usage of Pidgin English and positive demeanor won over viewers who believed she was being authentic in the Big Brother house. Phyna's willingness to discuss the ups and downs of her life made her an approachable figure with a story of "grass to grace."


Groovy and phyna talks about their ship

Commitments in Love

Phyna, a highly outgoing housemate, admitted her feelings for Eloswag during the first week of the program and went on to passionately kiss him at the first Saturday Night Party. Phyna didn't want to have to resort to begging for Eloswag's attention, so when he didn't return her feelings, she moved on.

During this time, Groovy was also experiencing problems in his relationships with Beauty and Chomzy. However, following Beauty's Disqualification, Groophy was born out of an unforeseen romance between Groovy and Phyna.

Phyna had gone to plead Amaka's case for a ship with Groovy, but Groovy unexpectedly started dating Phyna instead. This caused Amaka and Phyna to have a short argument, which was resolved after some time had passed.

The Barrel of Shella and Groophy



Phyna, like the rest of the housemates, got into her fair share of arguments, and she often used Pidgin English to show her disgust with the situation. Phyna and her fellow gossiper, Amaka, got into their first fight in the house after an argument over strategy.

There was a lot of backlash on the internet after Phyna had an altercation with Shella when the Levels combined, with some fans defending her no matter what and others criticizing the way she treated Bella and Sheggz. These conflicts, however, demonstrated her unwillingness to shy away from challenges.

Phyna triumphs in the role of Head of House

Wager Task 

The former Level 2 was wiped out early in the season because they lost the Head of House competition many times. However, the curse was broken a few weeks before the finale by Phyna, who became the first Head of House to come from the former Level 2. 

Thanks to the efforts of Adekunle, Chizzy, Hermes, and the rest of the housemates, Phyna was able to pull off a great wager presentation as Head of House. She was able to keep the house from going hungry despite her leadership, which was fraught with tension. 

This was not the first time she had pulled off an impressive performance under Hermes's leadership; she had previously helped him organize a dance routine for their Wager Presentation honoring service members. 

Phyna's contributions to the house's two consecutive wager victories elevated her status beyond that of a disruptive housemate.

Phyna feels better after hearing from Amaka



despite the fact that she is, in fact, an established "agbero." In the course of the season, Phyna formed several lovely friendships with her other housemates. 

The first of these was the link between Aljazeera and CNN regarding Amaka. Their friendship was so juicy that they often did Kayode's job of spilling the beans about the latest goings-on at the Level Up House. After the levels were combined, Phyna became friendly with Chichi and Rachel, two other Edo chicks.

Eventually, Chichi's position as the season's Supreme Veto Power Holder and her use of it to send Phyna to the Finale would prove to be Phyna's golden ticket.

Phyna wins the Level Up Season

Grand Finale

As Ebuka crowned Phyna as the Level Up Season's Winner with 40.74 percent of the votes in the last week, people yelled in delight from the audience. With 26.74 percent of the vote, Bryann came in as the runner-up. 

With 15.78% of the vote, Bella finished in third place. Adekunle, who received 12.36% of the votes, placed fourth; Chichi, who received 2.99%, placed fifth; and Daniella, who received 1.89%, placed sixth.

Best in Show

The Season 10 winner will get the greatest grand prize in the show's history: a total of 100,000,000, including a 50,000,000 cash prize and a brand new Innoson G5T from Innoson Motors. A bitcoin from Quidax, a trip for two to Dubai provided by TravelBeta, a brand new Tecno Camon 19, and electronics from Nexus round out the list of goodies. 

To spice things up, Pepsi will provide the winner with a year's worth of their products, while Waw detergent, Munch It, Unik, and Dano will each provide the winner with a variety pack of their products.

The Pocket by PiggyVest and Flutterwave, the game's main and secondary sponsors, respectively, will award the winner with monetary prizes should they prevail in Big Brother Naija Level Up.

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