"The only achievement in marriage is children" Nkechi Sunday Blessing replied a comment asking about the purpose of marriage

Nkechi Blessing
                          Nkechi Blessing

The sole success in marriage, according to Nkechi Sunday Blessing, is having children.


The comment was made by the actress regarding Bimbo's demise, who was the wife of well-known car dealer Ikechukwu Ogbonna.

Recall that on Wednesday, October 12, after a physical altercation with her husband in their Lagos home, Bimbo had suffered severe burns and was in the intensive care unit (ICU) before she passed away on Saturday morning.

The sister of late IVD’s wife, Bimbo Ogbonna also opened up on her sister’s death.

Mama Razz, as she is fondly known on Instagram made a new revelation about her sister’s death.

She claimed that the celebrity auto-dealer, IVD, pushed her sister into the fire.

According to her, IVD pushed his wife into fire and watched her burn and videoed her.

She, also confirmed that the popular businessman, had absconded following his brutal action.

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However, citizens has been expressing different thought following the death of Bimbo Ogbonna, Nkechi Blessing also replied to a comment asking about the achievement of marriage.

The person wrote;

What is achievement in marriage

Nkechi response;

The only achievement there is Children, Nothing Special if you ask me.....if marriage no work again,Carry your marital award (children) and leave to LIVE✌️

Nkechi blessing tweet

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