In Ondo, a chainsaw operator was struck and killed by lightning while cutting down an 80-year-old tree.


Lightning image
Lightning strike

At Oke Ayo camp in the Oke-Oko village of Alade-Idanre in the state of Ondo, a man who was operating a chainsaw by the name of Shosho was reportedly struck and killed by lightning while cutting down a tree that was estimated to have been around for more than 80 years.


It was discovered that the victim, who was originally from the Eastern region of the country, had been laid to rest at the location where the tragedy had taken place.

A person who spoke with the Vanguard stated that the lightning was similar to an electric spark, and that it caused the entire village to be rattled to its foundation.

"We were taken aback, and we were unable to fathom the enigma that surrounded the strike. According to the insider, "We know from the way the man was killed that it was not an aver

According to him, neither the operator nor his sponsor bothered to get the owner's permission before cutting down the tree.

A week after the occurrence, according to him, "it needed the involvement of the traditional rulers of the town, the Owa of Idanre, Oba Fredrick Aroloye before the "Aworos" could execute the

In addition, a source close to the palace revealed to the media that bad spirits were to blame for the death of the operator.

According to him, there had been multiple unsuccessful attempts to cut down the tree throughout the course of time. The deceased individual had made one attempt to cut down the tree, but his chainsaw ended up getting d

In an interview with members of the media, Oluwaseun Akinrinlade, Deputy Chairman of the Ayo Camp, referred to the occurrence as regrettable.


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