Groom abandons wedding, leaves bride in tears after discovering she already has four kids


An image of the weeping bride and scene from the wedding

A man has recently run away from his wedding on the wedding day, after discovering that his wife-to-be already has four kids.

In the video, the groom was enraged while the bride cried profusely as she followed him about on their wedding day in an attempt to prevent him from abandoning her.

The bride continued to sob uncontrollably despite the efforts of the crowd to calm her nerves. She was unable to control herself as she continued shouting, "I'm finished, oh!"

The witnesses attempted to calm down both parties, with some pleading with the groom to quit embarrassing his bride.

"After four years, she just told me! She recently informed me that she had four children. The bride is just telling me!" the angry groom exclaimed.

Click the link here to watch the video

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