Common mistakes people make that can cause an explosion when using a gas cooker


An image of a gas explosion
Gas explosion

There are advantages to cooking with gas. Some downsides cannot be disregarded. The potential of a gas explosion is one such disadvantage. Gas is one of the quickest cooking methods.

In our haste, many of us forget to observe the kitchen safety guidelines when using gas, making blunders that could result in a gas explosion. If you cook with gas at home, you should avoid the following.

1. Placing the gas cylinder in the incorrect location

Because gas-related mishaps and even deaths can be caused by improper positioning, there are several factors to consider when determining where to put things.

To ensure safety when cooking with cooking gas, always set the gas cylinder vertically on a sturdy and hard surface. When the gas cylinder is placed vertically, the bottom of the cylinder rests on the surface and the regulator side faces upward.

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2. Filling the gas tank to capacity

Another error you should avoid is overfilling your gas cylinder. Overfilling your gas tank could result in gas leakage, putting you in danger of a gas explosion.

Placing combustible materials near a gas burner is dangerous.

Many individuals make the error of placing items on gas stove burners. The safest course of action is to avoid placing anything on the burners of a gas stove and to keep flammable objects away from the gas stove.

The heat emitted by a gas stove burner can ignite nearby objects, particularly those that are combustible. During operation, foil paper wrappings, utensils or jars, plastic, etc. must be kept at least a few feet away from the gas burner.

4. Ignoring gas leakage

A gas leak can result in an explosion at any time if a spark is present. Whenever you discover a gas leak, you should switch off the gas, open all the windows and doors, and find a temporary location to stay.

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