BBNaija: Why I Fell in Love with Groovy, and What's Next - Phyna


Groovy and Phyna
Groovy and Phyna

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor was her given name at birth. On the other hand, she named herself Phyna. And that is the name that has stuck with the Season 7 housemate who was born in Edo State and who was awarded the N100 million grand prize just recently. 


 She is 25 years old. She has not only advanced in levels, but also changed levels as a result of receiving that award.

Has she reached a new level? In point of fact, Phyna is the modern-day Cinderella. She is the most recent local celebrity to emerge. In addition to that, she is the most recent ambassador for several brands. Her story is an interesting one because she went from being a hype girl to a star after that career change.

She is referred to by Biggie as the hype priestess. In addition to that, she goes by the names unusual Phyna and Agbero. She is under the impression that she is a homeless girl. She is under the impression that she was born on the street.

She saw herself as a product of the neighborhood. And that was the reason why the neighborhood adored her and referred to her as one of their own. And that was also the reason why the neighborhood worked so hard to ensure that she prevailed and is now the newest celebrity in town.

The New Deal is Phyna. Phyna is it. She never attempted to conceal her lowly roots from the moment she entered Biggie's home until this very day. Not only was she genuine and grounded, but she also provided all of the necessary background information about herself. Her authenticity, candor, and the fact that she didn't try to be anything other than herself won over her audience.

In addition, even from the beginning, she never concealed the fact that she loved Groovy. Even when it was clear that Groovy was not serious about the relationship, she never stopped showing her affection for him. She shed quite a few tears on the rare occasions when Groovy had to separate himself from her. Even though Groovy told her, "I genuinely like you but not love... Love is not a sensation, love is a process," she continued to insist that they were in love with each other.

However, she needed explanations from Groovy. She desired for Groovy to demonstrate to her that he loved her. She hoped that Groovy could calm her nerves and put her at ease. However, Groovy was nowhere to be found. He put off admitting his guilt until they were free of that constricted area since he didn't want to get arrested.

During one of their conversations, she confessed to Groovy, "I raced to fall in love (with you)."

"I have also been going around calling you my boyfriend and baby hoping that you feel something strong for me and now finding out that you don't and you just like me," Phyna complained angrily. "I have also been going around calling you my boyfriend and baby hoping that you will find something strong for me."

But Groovy never felt something intense for her. While in the confines of the home. She had a passionate love affair with Groovy. It should come as no surprise that the woman who has stated in the past that she likes kissing to love will plant kisses on Groovy's lips at the first available opportunity. However, those kisses were never successful in producing any offspring.

However, many people are curious about the following: Why did Phyna fall so deeply in love with Groovy to the point that she severed her friendship with Amaka in order to be with him? Why did Phyna go to such great lengths to get Groovy after Beauty was found to be ineligible to compete? What makes him so exceptional?




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