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BBNaija Housemates
BBNaija Housemates

During the penultimate week in Biggie's house, alliances were formed and friendships were challenged. Here is a summary of what transpired.

After Allysyn and Dotun were evicted last week, along with Biggie's House Guests Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag, the top nine felt the burden of having reached this point in the game. The sudden departure of a staggering five housemates left the remaining housemates shocked and desperate for information regarding Biggie's intentions.


Hermes was significantly affected by Allysyn's expulsion as he spent the whole of Monday alone. As a means of evading the reality of Allysyn's departure, he occupied himself with some housework. After a while, Hermes exercised in the garden before doing his signature dancing movements. Did we mention the precipitation?

Chichi possesses the Supreme Veto

After securing the most important Head of House title of the season, which earned her a berth in the Finale, Chichi was granted the ability to assist two other housemates as the holder of the Supreme Veto Power.

Biggie provided housemates with 90 seconds to persuade Chichi to select them for the finale. Chichi chose Phyna, who had saved her from being kicked out the week before, and Daniella, whose presentation Chichi thought was very convincing.

Chichi is named HoH

In typical Big Brother fashion, Chichi's Head of Household victory granted her additional benefits, such as the use of the HoH executive bedroom.

When Biggie asked Chichi who would be her roommate in the HoH bedroom, she chose Chizzy, with whom she had formed a platonic connection. Chizzy joined Chichi and her Showmax movie night guests, Bryann, Phyna, and Groovy.


Daniella is awarded the title of Tail of House

While we have become accustomed to seeing Daniella give HoH titles her all while constantly falling short, this week she was awarded the dreaded Head of Household title for her poor performance.

Daniella's reward was a "Paint by Number" project in which she was to adhere painted rice grains to a canvas in accordance with their respective numbers.

Biggie was not going to be kind to her. Before adhering the rice to the canvas, Daniella had to use tweezers to pick it out. Daniella's piece of art began to take shape as the hours turned into days, but Biggie alone would decide if Daniella did a good job or not; Daniella's fate rests in his hands.

Both friendships and ships are put to the test.

Emotions reached an all-time high when the nominated housemates Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Groovy, Hermes, and Sheggz were announced.Bella was angered by Sheggz's interaction with Daniella.

Sheggz tried to explain that he was just trying to make Daniella feel better about being Head of House, but his words fell on deaf ears, which led to an angry fight.

Rachel, on the other hand, discovered an opening to approach HoH Chichi on the Showmax movie night she had skipped.

Chichi was adamant that the ticket she used was hers, and she told Rachel to talk to Hermes, who was Head of Household when the tickets were found, about it.


A week of bonding

One may argue that the dwindling number of housemates is the reason they are beginning to build bonds. In any case, we were intrigued by the new friendships that emerged this week.

Bella asked Daniella who she would have saved if she had had Supreme Veto Power, to which Daniella replied that she would have balanced out the genders in the House. This prompted a heartfelt conversation between Bella and Daniella.

Bella had the opportunity to interrogate Daniella about both Khalid and Dotun as the ladies digressed into a conversation about ships. Daniella disclosed to Bella that she was initially uninterested in Khalid and only developed feelings for him after a lengthy conversation.

A celebration to remember

One would assume that the Thursday pool party would have been dull due to the decreasing number of housemates. Well, you're mistaken! The Level Up Housemates, who have always been able to deliver the vibes, did not allow their dwindling numbers to prevent them from bringing the heat.

While Chichi performed an abundance of twerking, Phyna gave Groovy unique lap dances. Shella took advantage of how much space there was in the pool, and Bella kept swimming when Sheggz wasn't there to help her.

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