Sheggz and Bella reveal why they did not make an effort to make a pitch to the head of house, Chichi


Sheggz and Bella discussed with Biggie during their diary session why they chose not to sell themselves to the Head of House, Chichi, despite having the opportunity to do so.

The BBNaija Season 7 housemate Sheggz, who gave his reason first to Big Brother, stated that although he had always rooted for Chichi and Chomzy's chances of making it to the grand finale, he could not see a scenario in which she would have spared him from eviction.

He emphasized that he did not make an effort to persuade her to save him instead of Phyna and Daniella.

Bella, for her part, stated immediately that she knew the HoH would never choose to save her when it was time for eviction. She further added that it was the most embarrassing moment of her life.

She told Biggie bluntly that she is not great friends with the Head of House and that there was no need to pretend or beg for a vote that would never occur. In addition, if she were in Chichi's place, she would not save her.

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