Sheggz accuses BBNaija organizers of being biased towards him


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The audience with a toxic narrative about Sheggz and his relationship was ready to ridicule him and discard his mental health as soon as he left Biggie's house. 

Since he left the home, Sheggz has gotten an equal amount of hatred and adoration; he has been attempting to defend himself in every interview because their prepared questions have taken the shape of attacks.

During his media tour, he attempted to dispel the misunderstanding. Beginning with video reports that he was abusive to his ex and culminating with how he treated Bella on television, audiences have formed an opinion of him. In one of his interviews, he reminds viewers that it is not a "Bella and Sheggz" show.

Since it is not their show, they cannot be shown around the clock Not all information can be broadcast. He believes that the show concentrated on the negative aspects of his relationships and the amount of affection he displayed.

After Hermes defended him, he proceeded by saying that he is surprised and unhappy that other housemates are not doing the same, given that they lived in the house and saw how kind he was to his girlfriend.

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According to him, he prepared and served her breakfast each morning, assisted her with household duties, and was always kind to her.

He suggested that the misunderstanding may be due to how his time with Bella was portrayed on television. The show's organizers appeared to have capitalized on the toxicity narrative. He hopes that when she is released, she will shed more light on how he handled her and offer viewers clarity.

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