Rachel Apologize To Sheggz Few Weeks after Altercation Over food


BBNaija Rachel
BBNaija Sheggz

Recall that Bella, who is Sheggz's love interest, is not a fan of meat, therefore earlier this month, when Bella was fed beef, Sheggz and Rachel got into a heated argument.

Bella requested beef over chicken for dinner, according to Rachel, who made it for the entire home. The professional footballer didn't believe her justification and referred to her behaviour as "stupid."


This infuriated Rachel, who scolded him and his generation as a whole for labeling her "stupid." They started insulting one other as the argument turned into a verbal brawl.

Bella, who was in the middle of the argument, sided with her spouse and chastised Rachel for disparaging Sheggz's generation.

The food spilled onto the dining table as she angrily handed Rachel the dish of food back. It's unclear, though, whether she poured the food out on purpose.

Emotions were still running hot after the verbal altercation, so Sheggz threatened Rachel, stating he is not who he claims to be if she doesn't beg him before December. Bella, who was in the middle of the argument, took her man's side and chastised Rachel for insulting Sheggz's generation.

Sheggz words

“Rachel, I’m telling you, if you don’t beg me this year, my name is not Segun. Go and write it down; laugh about it, I swear on my mother’s life. You’re mad!” he said as he walked away angrily.

Interestingly, only a few weeks after, Rachel has apologized to Sheggz for insulting him.

She made the unreserved apology during a conversation with Sheggz’s love interest, Bella, last night as they revisited the fight.

Rachel words:

“I swear sheggz would have blocked me on social media. Please tell him to forgive me, I didn’t really mean to insult him”, she said in part.

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