Phyna goes off on Chichi for lying to Groovy that she was drunk


Phyna and Chichi have engaged in a quarrel as Phyna was not pleased with the fact that Chichi went to tell Groovy that Phyna was drunk and laying on the floor. 

She was angry because Chichi knows that Groovy does not like it when she drinks and felt that Chichi had an ulterior motive for going to tell Groovy that she was drunk.

Chichi in her defense, claimed that she had no ulterior motive for doing that because she gave Phyna a drink and thought that she was tipsy.

Phyna however claims she is lying because she wasn't tipsy at all. She was in fact gisting with Eloswag, Sheggz, Bella, Chomzy and Hermes about her life outside of the house and how she had met Chichi outside. 

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