New York police Department Officer Punches Woman in the Face During Arest


A video which reveals a New York Police Department officer hitting a woman in the face during an arrest has gone viral after being shared online. 


It was revealed that the occurrence happened on August 12 in Harlem while a faction of officers were sighted in the middle of a crowd, attempting to arrest a man linked with an attempted murder.



As the scene became turbulent, a police officer was seen aiming to push a woman away from the crowd, and she jabbed him back. This made the police officer hit the woman who then fell backward to the ground. 


This left those at the arena stunned and one man was heard screaming at the cop, "Why would you do that?!"


It's doubtful if she fell unconscious, but afterward the cops had her up on her feet and put her in handcuffs.


Reacting the controversy that trailed the video, the NYPD clarified the action as self-defense. The police department said “while police were making the arrest, multiple individuals on scene intervened by physically assaulting several officers. One officer suffered a minor injury to the head.”


NYPD officer punches woman in the face during arrest (video)


Two women reportedly ended up charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration. One of them was further charged with endangering and harassment, and a third woman was accused of spitting at an officer.


It's unclear which of those women is the punching victim from the video. As of now, NYPD has not announced any discipline for the cop.

Watch the video here


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