If They (Bella & Shegzz) Talk Anyhow Outside, I Will Drive To Their House With Police And Beat Them– Phyna to Chichi


Phyna has in a conversation with Chichi, revealed what she will do to Bella and Sheggz if they talk to her outside the big brother house.

She mentioned that, if they talk anyhow, she will drive to their house and beat her up with the Police as an escort. She further added that she does not care whether or not the case ends up in the court.

Chichi who seemed to be on the same page with Phyna, was seen hyping her up. In her words, she said, " all this their mouth, ...if we come outside, you talk anyhow, I go drive come your house come beat you. I go carry police come beat you and we go go court". 

Remember that Phyna, Sheggz, and Bella, have not been on cool terms which has led to a number of negative energy and bad blood between them.

This is however, coming after Phyna had gotten into a heated argument with Bella and Sheggz earlier in the day.

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