"If Groovy had moved to me after Beauty left, I would never have accepted"– Chomzy details Rachael on the happenings at the movie date


Chomzy has revealed to Rachael that if Groovy had moved to her after Beauty left the house, she would never have accepted to date him. She said she can never be a second option to a guy. 

She revealed this while recounting the events and discussions that happened while they were in level three for the movie date. 

She also recounted the question that Phyna had thrown at her during the round table discussion. Phyna had asked her if she would have accepted to be with Groovy if he had moved to her first. 

She however claimed otherwise as she can not be a second option. In her words, she said, "if Groovy had moved to me after Beauty, I would never have accepted. I can never be a second option". 

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