"I really like you, but not love" Groovy told Phyna( Video)


BBNaija Phyna and Groovy
BBNaija Phyna and groovy

Groovy oovy, a level-up housemate on Big Brother Naija, confessed to his romantic interest, Phyna, that he doesn't love her.

Phyna and Groovy had a heart-to-heart last night, and during it, Groovy admitted that he had purposefully held back from telling her how he felt about her.
"I love you,” so she wouldn’t get the wrong signals.


According to him, he believes love is a big word and a process.

He noted that although he has a genuine likeness for Phyna and looks out for her in the house, he doesn’t love her.

His words:

I really like you, but not love.. Love is not a feeling, love is a process. I cant tell you how to feel Phyna… I can say I love my family, I can say I love football…”

Phyna Response:

“But you can’t say you love that special person. Calling me your girlfriend is just a title since you don’t love me,”

He continued by telling Phyna that he will fully get her and their connection once they leave the house since he thinks he would be able to see her true self there.

Phyna, who was obviously upset by the news, questioned why he kept calling her his girlfriend inside the house even though he knew he didn't love her.

In response to Groovy's assertion that he won't see Phyna's true nature until after the house, Phyna said that she is an open book and has been genuine on the program, and the only aspect of her that he hasn't yet seen is her smoking habit.

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