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Chi Chi
Chi Chi

Adekunle, Sheggz, and Phyna, in the opinion of Chichi and Daniella, have a solid game plan, and they explain why.

Adekunle, Sheggz, Phyna, and their strategy were all topics of discussion during Chichi and Daniella's steamy conversation last night.

Chichi came over to provide Daniella company as she carried out her duties as Tail of House, and the two soon got into some serious gossip about the other housemates and their strategies.


Chichi was the first to raise red flags about Rachel's trust in her during the Nomination and Eviction phases. Rachel's level of confidence shocked her, especially given that she entered the house after the performance had already begun.

The topic shifted to include Adekunle and Sheggz, two players who, in Chichi's opinion, are engaged in a strategically sound game. Chichi identified Adekunle as a savvy Housemate who had a good grasp of the situation, while she credited Sheggz with having come to the program well-prepared. When Chichi and Daniella discussed why housemates like Rachel would be so self-assured, the atmosphere in the room heated up a bit.

They brought up the problem of housemates shelling out money to managers who will advocate for them outside of the house. The two of them scoffed at the idea, declaring that they lacked the financial means to do so.

On board the Groophy ship, Chichi and Daniella were overheard complimenting Groovy's intelligence and praising Phyna's warm attitude. Chichi predicted that the public would find her eccentric behavior endearing.

Despite Daniella's assessment of Groovy as "a cheesy person," he's "an intelligently expressive person" in her eyes. Chichi and Daniella might have been calculating their odds of winning the grand prize. We don't know, but we hope they relax and enjoy the ride to the climax.

The following Housemates have been nominated for eviction: Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Groovy, Hermes, and Sheggz. You can vote for your favorite Level Up Housemate until Thursday at 21:00 WAT/22:00 CAT.

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