Chichi picks Phyna and Daniella to be in the finals with her

               Chichi, Phyna& Daniella

Head of house Chichi has made use of her supreme veto power to save Phyna and Daniella and take them into the finals with her.

Phyna and Daniella are saved from eviction and are now guaranteed a spot in the finals. 

This is coming after the housemates were asked to pitch themselves to the head of house and convince her to pick them to go into the finals with her.

She however ended up picking Phyna and Daniella. All other housemates are up for possible eviction and will have to battle their way into the finals.

Congratulations to Daniella and Phyna on their spot in the finals. We also wish the other housemates good luck.

What do you think about this? Let us know via the comment section. 

The news appeared on bigbrothergisthub first!


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