Check out how the housemates pitch to convince the head of house Chichi to pick them into the finals

                        Season 7 housemates 

The housemates have started making a pitch to try and convince head of house Chichi to pick them to go with her to the finals.

Groovy because he wants to share the stage with her and other housemates. He mentioned that being in the finals has been his dream.

Chizzy thanked Chichi for picking her. He said that he knows that it is only one spot left and he hopes that the spot is for him. Mentions that she should not allow friends to affect their friendship. 

Sheggz said that he has always had her back but at the end of the day the decision is hers. Says he is a real one and he thinks she knows that as well. 

Hermes says he has always looked out for her since day one. He also calls her the life of the party and congratulated her. He says that if he is meant to win the show, he'll survive.

Bryann says he doesn't want to lie to her and says he is truly happy for her. He said he feels like she should pick who she wants to pick because he knows that she already knows who she is going to pick. He says that it is a very weird position to be in because people will have expectations of who she should win.

Adekunle congratulates her. Says they did not start on a good note but think that they are working on it. He hopes that she will pick him because he does not think he has the energy to leave the house in the ninth week.

Rachael says she does not have much to say. Says that she knows that Chichi will not pick her and still feels that Chichi should learn to own up to her shit. Says they are cool anyways and hope they keep gisting.

Phyna says the streets made a fucking queen. Goes ahead to hype Chichi. Tells her that she should pick her and save her. 

Bella says she does not know what to say. Says she will love to get to the finals and that she will be shocked and surprised if Chichi picks her because they are not best of friends. 

Daniella says she knows Chichi is in a tight spot but begs her to save her because she needs to be in the finals. Says she's happy for her, especially after yesterday, and goes ahead to congratulate her. 

Who do you think she will pick? Let us know in the comment section. This news was first seen and published on bigbrothergisthub! 


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