BBNaija Season 7: Mixed reactions as Groovy breaks up with Phyna (Video)

BBNaija phyna and groovy

Big Brother Naija "Level Up" housemates Groovy and Phyna are going through a tough time right now. It looks like the housemates' ship is about to crash. Phyna's drinking habit was the root of their first fight last night.


Phyna found out about Daniella's conversations with Groovy in private since she overheard them in the house. To Groovy's best friend Daniella, he finally admitted his affections for Phyna.

Groovy had just told Daniella that he didn't like Phyna and that she was pressuring them to be together, so he was still trying to figure out how he felt about Phyna.

It would appear that Groovy has fallen in love with Phyna, but unfortunately, Daniella let the cat out of the bag, leading Phyna to believe that Groovy was playing her.


Groovy was not pleased that Phyna had gotten completely drunk before their Pocket by piggy vest task presentation.


Groovy advised her to cut back on her drinking. He replied, There's no use in us staying together if you're going to consume drinks the way you want them.




Since Phyna insisted on continuing to drink, Groovy felt compelled to end their relationship.

"You are breaking up with me," Phyna declared.

Groovy retorted, "I'm not ending things, but we do need some space from each other." Phyna clarified that the two terms are interchangeable.The equivalent of a breakup, in other words.

The internet community is divided on this matter. As much as some people felt sorry for the pair, others made fun of them (particularly Phyna).

During one discussion, Groovy pleaded with his alleged girlfriend to curb their public displays of affection. Spectators were mesmerized by the couple's several passionate exchanges. 

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Since Groovy's ex-girlfriend Beauty was kicked out, Phyna has been making overtures to him. When the two had a passionate embrace after Saturday night's party, it caught several people off guard. 

While other housemates looked on, Phyna and Groovy engaged in some intense kissing. Because of this, there was a lot of talk online about what it was about Groovy that women liked.

Groovy advised Phyna to tone down the passionate displays of their relationship. Phyna, who was unimpressed, reasoned that he must not have liked her. He assured her that as they spent more time together, so would their sentiments.

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