Bbnaija S7: Phyna And Bella Go At Each Other's Necks DuringTheir Wager Task Practice


Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates Phyna and Bella have set big brother's house on fire with their heated argument.

The fight originated from Phyna, the current head of house, shutting Bella, Doyin, and Chomzy up while they were having a conversation.

Sheggz and Bella were having a discussion with Doyin and Chomzy about the food issue they had with Phyna and Chichi. Phyna comes in and orders them to stop talking, and that she does not want them to talk about anything else other than their wager task.

She further added that she does not understand why they are still on the food issue that had already been settled and should go to the room and discuss it if they want.

This did not sit well with Bella as she stated that Phyna has no right whatsoever to limit what she can or cannot say. 

This has now led to a lot of arguments in the house with Bella mentioning that Phyna is from the streets and Phyna, in turn, questioned who raised Bella, and added that the person did a terrible job at it.

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