BBNaija S7: A dirty Kitchen, a dirty fight

Bryann in the kitchen
Bryann in the kitchen

Daniella's complaint about a filthy home sparked a series of arguments over the dishes that had piled up in the sink.

As quarrels spread like wildfire, the accumulating dishes in Biggie's kitchen tore apart the house. Daniella conveyed her displeasure with the condition of the house to House Chizzy, resulting in heightened emotions.


Bella, Adekunle, Bryann, and Daniella complained that nobody was taking responsibility for the accumulating dishes in the kitchen sink. While people were arguing, Bella went into the kitchen, rinsed her plate, and went into the living room.

The disagreement reached Adekunle and Chizzy. Adekunle wanted to emphasize that dishes should be individualized. He was incapable of comprehending Chizzy's claim that he cleansed the group's glasses and never complained.

According to Adekunle, individuals should wash the items they use, as opposed to the living room, which is cleaned collectively; hence, collective cleaning makes sense.


In the midst of this dispute, Bella chimed in with her opinion. She did not comprehend Adekunle's statement that dishes are personal, given that he does not always wash his. She further explained that he occasionally leaves his dish on the table, which is equivalent to leaving it in the sink.

Adekunle attempted multiple times to explain how he accepts responsibility for his dishes and how he can do so with confidence. He soon gave up attempting to explain himself to Bella and said that she was "not really clever."

Rachel and Bryann's altercation then swiftly escalated.

His anger at Rachel's assertion that the dirty cup on the table was hers angered him. He said that he rinsed the used cup promptly. When Rachel continued to discuss his emotional energy without addressing him directly, Bryann stood up and begged her to stop using his name.

Bryann stated, "You folks irritate me," to which Bella replied, "That's nonsense."

Bryann eventually went away after declaring that the battle over a dirty house was beneath him and that he would not be proud of this tape in five years.

He was counting down the hours until he could leave the room so he wouldn't have to interact with its inhabitants. Bryann complained about the house and some of his pet peeves last night after the pool party.

Daniella thought he was complaining about her, even though he wasn't.

Should we anticipate more gbas gbos with only two more hours to the conclusion? However, Ebuka will be dining with them tonight at a special meal, so who knows what the consequences may be?

Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Chichi, Daniella, or Phyna might win Season 7 of Big Brother Naija.

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