BBNaija: Another Love Triangle As Bryann expressed his love for Daniella

Daniella in the bedroom
Daniella in the bedroom

Early this morning, Bryann expressed his love for Daniella, and she responded in kind. Adekunle attempted to convince her, but she did not believe him.


Adekunle, Bryann, and Daniella have been the three musketeers of the House for the past week. Regardless of where Daniella is in the house, Bryann and Adekunle are present. The two men have become Daniella's guardians and have committed to the position. 

When she overindulged at a party and became ill, Bryann made certain she had the care she required. When she had to go through the Tail of the House punishment, they went with her so she wouldn't have to go through it alone.

Daniella asked Bryann to sleep with her if she became too intoxicated during the Thursday Night Pool Party. She did what he said, and he kept his promise by sleeping in the same bed as her.

Before the three fell asleep, Bryann entered the room to express his dissatisfaction with living in the house. He stated that he wanted space because he had been concealing his pet peeves but could no longer do so.

Daniella believed that Bryann required some distance from him. Bryann stated that it was not her, and Adekunle attempted to confirm this.

Bryann continued to express his desire to leave the Big Brother house, and Adekunle told Daniella he loves her.She told him, "No, you don't," and he began to gently stroke her arm.

Daniella repeatedly stated that she was the subject of Bryann's complaints. "You may tell me if I am making you angry," Daniella stated to Bryann. "I could never be you."Bryann told Daniella, "I love you," to which Daniella replied, "I love you very much."

Adekunle was eager to criticize Daniella's statement. "Why do you believe him but not me on the love thing?" he questioned. On day 69, Adekunle talked to Daniella about how she didn't show him the same love when she told him she loved him but he responded to Bryann.


Adekunle has been forthright about his attraction to Daniella. When Ebuka confronted him about his "sensitive lyrics," Adekunle responded that they are growing closer and that he would like to know him better.

Nevertheless, when Ebuka asked Daniella during the previous week's Sunday Live Eviction Show to select between Khalid, Dotun, and Adekunle, Daniella chose Khalid. Daniella told Ebuka that she makes her own decisions.

Daniella has been the season's most popular female, but which love will prevail?

Watch Bryann's complaints while he tells Daniella he loves her

Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Chichi, Daniella, or Phyna might win Season 7 of Big Brother Naija. You have until Friday to vote for the winner of the Level Up.

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