BBN S7: BamBam Disrespects Sheggz, Receives Backlash

Sheggz and Bam Bam
                                     Sheggz and Bam Bam

Ex-housemates of Big Brother constantly receive criticism and hostility from predominantly hypocritical individuals. It appears that everyone but the housemates themselves is aware of the exact actions that should have been taken.

The Shella ship has received some of the harshest criticism this season. Despite the fact that Sheggz and Bella, as individuals and as a couple, have acted and reacted in ways that have been unpopular with the public, it is noteworthy that everyone, including them, is entitled to the benefit of the doubt.


They were put in a remote area for a few weeks with cameras watching their every move and mistake, which is something that not many people have to deal with.

Typically, Toke's show 'The Buzz' focuses on housemates and their journey within and sometimes beyond the house. 

This show appears to be doing the opposite of what should be the norm, which is elevating up-and-coming stars. The objective of the show seems to be to cast unneeded shade.


Recently, a guest speaker's remarks about the Shella ship caused a stir on the Internet. Not only were her words themselves insulting, but so was the fact that she made them despite her position.

Sheggz and Bella
Sheggz And Bella 

Bam Bam was a housemate in Big brother Naija's third season of the show, during which TeddyA verbally abused her in numerous ways.

It is the perfect example of the adage, "If you live in a glass house, don't hurl stones." On The Buzz, she branded Bella nave for failing to recognize that Sheggz was merely playing a game and said that he may have been designed to torment women. Regarding the ship, she projected the narrative of victim and predator.

Her thoughts would have been valid if she had demonstrated that she possessed the moral compass necessary to pass judgment. From her decision to get personal on the BBN program, to dating a man who was still in a relationship with his babymama, to concealing her husband's physical abuse, she has demonstrated different.

Her remarks have backfired because the Internet, despite previously ignoring her flaws, has opted to unearth evidence of her problematic relationship. The fact that her husband is an ex-convict and abuses her is sufficient to remove her from public view.

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