Actress, Chacha Eke plans to reunite with ex-husband, Austin Faani after months of being separated

Cha Cha Eke

Chacha Eke, a Nollywood actress, has hinted that she and her ex-husband, Austin Faani, might get back together. This comes months after she posted on social media that they were getting divorced.

Chacha Eke proclaimed in June 2022 that she was done with pretending and the marriage. Read more here.

However, that was not the first time the actress had announced her divorce in public. In October 2020, she posted a video saying that her marriage was over because of violence in the home.


She came forward after a few days to say that her pregnancy had caused her to have bipolar disorder.

In a new development, Chacha Eka has said again that she wants to be with her husband, Austin Faani.

Chacha Eke disclosed this information during an Instagram Live session in which she responded to a number of inquiries from her fans and followers.

At the start of the live session, when she was asked about her marriage, the mother of four tried to avoid the question by saying that it was a topic for another day.

After a follower asked why she still had her husband's name, Faani, on her Instagram profile.

Chacha Eke responded that the name remains on her Instagram page because it is necessary. She asserted that social media users would be unable to comprehend her marital tale.

She says that she will go back to her husband when the time is right; she is just waiting for the right time.

She continued by stating that her health condition has caused her problems. She claims that when she experiences symptoms, rather than taking her medications and unwinding, she vents on social media, which occasionally causes irreparable harm.


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