5 ways to stop or reduce a betting addiction

Gambling addiction is a mental illness on par with substance abuse.

Betting Addiction
   Betting Addiction

You can place a wager in any number of places, including online, at retail establishments, and at stand alone kiosks.

Among Nigeria's male population, betting and gambling are extremely popular pastimes. placing a monetary wager on a future event or a forecast. Approximately 60 million people in Nigeria like gambling, as reported by The Nation. The majority of regular gamblers (53%) are adult males between the ages of 18 and 40. 

Indications that you may have a gambling addiction


  • Your gambling expenditures are excessive; you even take out loans to fund them.

  • When you haven't gambled in a while, you start to feel antsy and uneasy.

  • When you're in a bad mood, gambling helps you relax.

  • You've attempted to refrain from gambling but have been unable to do so. Addiction to gambling can result in financial loss, emotional instability, remorse, and even the need to take out loans to continue gaming.

  • You want to get out of a betting circle, but you can't seem to break the circle's spell. Here are some possibilities:


  1. Monitor your spending and losses

Keeping track of how much money you've lost to gambling could help you finally put an end to your addiction.

  1. Set a betting cap for yourself

Try limiting yourself for a month, like you would a gambling budget, instead of trying to quit cold turkey. Be very conservative with your stake if you gamble for leisure and recreation only.

Third, if gambling is what you're into, save up or put your money into something with a low risk of loss. 

  1. Don't make it easy to get at the money you've set aside for gambling

Bonds and mutual funds, which are low-risk investments, are recommended over cry pto and forex trading, which some people see as a form of gambling.

  1. Put off immediate satisfaction 

If you have the need to gamble, try putting it off for 15 minutes, and then another 15, until you have completely forgotten about it.

  1. Stay away from bet-inducing situations, environments, and people

If you want to cut down on your gambling, you can consider cutting back on your social activities with pals..Last but not least, you can break a bad habit by switching to a good one; maybe you'll start working out instead of gambling your money away.

In the meantime, please express your thoughts in the comment section below, and don't forget to share them with your loved ones. 

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