"We Were Raised With Love, So That's What We Will keep Demonstrating. BBNaija Shegzz's Big Sis Guards him.


Level up housemate, Shegzz is being defended by his Elder sister, after viewers of the show bemoans how he crazily craves for Bella's attention.

 Recollect, that some days back, he made bella express regret for permitting giddy fia lift her after their team won the joint task..


"He's the most caring person i know. So empathetic and altruistic. It's a shame some people are being think of him in a different light because he's been defied a moral constructs. We were raised with love so that's what we will continue to express"

Reactions followed 

@shade: he's a stupid boy with no moral upbringing. I don't blame him though, i blame bella who is naive. A failed footballer he's as daft and dull as Bella.

@candy: your brother is an emotionally abusive narcissist. I'm not surprised you have come to support him though, we have seen family stick through their own even when they have done the most horrible things to others. 


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