"She Might Consider To Be His Third Wife. Reaction Trail as Allysyn and Hermes Kisses


Season 7 level up housemates, Allysyn and Hermes has caused buzz online after yesternight party which was hosted by Flutter wave Inc.

It is apparent after so much effort from Hermes to cajole his level 2 housemates, Allysyn in attaching himself with her. It has finally materialized as they both had gone rounds after intimate moments between them after the party.

Some people were displeased with that action and claimed not to have given in to Hermes who is married to 2 wives become coming into the show, sidelining Adekunle who happens to be genuine with his feelings for her.

Details about Hermes:

Name: Chibueze Iyele

Performance artist, Hermes, counted basketball, public speaking and American flag football as one of his hobbies. 

He's had the privilege to perform some of his untainted dance at prestigious festivals in Lagos, Glasgow and Rotterdam. He's also appeared as a vixen for afrobeat stars like burna boy, Davido and Ajebo hustlers.

He's in a polygamous marriage and feels this kind of partnership has left each person to grow separately and wholly. 


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