"Na Woman Dey Control You" — Chizzy Bl@st Sheggz As He Engages Bella In A Fierce Fight (Video)

Chizzy, Sheggz and Bella fights dirty

Big Brother Naija Season 7 2022 Level Up Edition is without a doubt a jam-packed and exciting season of the most popular and longest-running African reality TV program, as every passing instant and day is filled with heat and entertaining moments.


Last night, after the Level Up housemates finished their weekly wager task and the first Friday Night Arena Games since the housemates were officially reunited, Big Brother rider Chizzy got into a heated altercation with Sheggz and Bella, the most popular BBNaija Season 7 couple.


Although everyone is aware of Chizzy's purpose in the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up house, it is only to generate conflict. As a result of prior level 2 roommates winning the majority of the wager tasks involving the supply of food for the particular week, he chose to be in charge of food.


Sheggz attacks Chizzy for attacking him and Bella over food. When Chizzy began trading insults with Bella and even called her Ekuke, the situation became heated (meaning local dog). Swipe to discover where everything began.



Bella used eggs belonging to Level 2 after obtaining permission from Modella and other Level 2 housemates. Chizzy attacked Bella for using their egg, which started the whole fight because he didn't know that she had asked for permission.

Video Of Chizzy And Bella Heated Argument 👇

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