Mr Macaroni Heaves Up Solicitude over Animals Pilfering Funds


Content creator, Mr Macaroni whose name is Debo Adedayo has heaved up concerns about epidemic of animals being excused for stealing public funds in Nigeria.

In his tweets earlier today, the thespian has articulated concerns about the amount of money that office holders are Pilfering if animals are engaging in trickery disappearance of money.

He shared numerous tweets on his page saying "In a country where snakes,monkeys, termites and other animals are embezzling billions. How much are humans now embezzling? But once your politicians sprinkle one or two projects here and there, we should forget all and start singing their praises"..


He additionally said 

"Who do us like this"

In another tweet he stated: 

Politicians will manage to complete a project after embezzling millions and wasting so much time on it. Then ask us to bow at their feet in appreciation for finally doing the work they are elected to do, is it your money you used to fund the project?"


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