I Will Go Back To Eloswag If Groovy Decides To Date Chomzy– Phyna

Big brother has swapped Groovy and Deji, taking Groovy to Level 1 house and Deji to the Level 2 house yesterday after the wager task. This action got Phyna very emotional which prompted her to have a discussion with her friend Amaka, and some other housemates about the current arrangement . Phyna mentioned that she will go back to Eloswag if Groovy decides to date Chomzy while in the level one house.

The conversation went thus;

Phyna: at least I don kiss. If e like make e fuck, e no consine me…. Groovy sef like Chomzy. I ask am.

Amaka: I told biggie that if he brings Chomzy or Eloswag come here there will be drama.

Phyna: I like Eloswag. If Chomzy and Groovy starts, I’ll go back to the roots

 Deji also affirmed that Chi Chi likes Groovy as well. Deji further concurred that level 1 will be hot.

Amaka added that Groovy is the man of the season for her, while Phyna said Groovy go reach everybody.

Meanwhile, Groovy is very excited about his swap to Level 2 and has started bonding with power couple Sheggz and Bella.


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