" I Didn't Want Him( Bryann ) To Get Attached Because I Was A Fake Housemate" – Modella Narrates (video)


Big brother Naija's season 7 fake housemate Modella, who was evicted from the house on Sunday has gathered a lot of sensations online after revealing her true intentions towards the Bryann ship.

Recall that, while in the house, Bryann had admitted to having a soft spot for Modella and had wanted to define what was going on between them but Modella on the other hand, did not seem to reciprocate the feelings towards him.

.                    Bryann

The constant rejection of Bryann's feelings by Modella had caused his fanbase to be angry at her and they, therefore, canvassed for her to be evicted from the big brother house.

According to them, they didn't want her to distract him and make him lose focus on the grand prize.
Despite the apparent hesitation on Modella’s part, Bryann stayed devoted to their friendship and honored her wishes.

Modella who was evicted on Sunday for not carrying out her fake housemate task dutifully was seen replying to a Bryann fan during a post-eviction interview the reason why she behaved in the way that she did with Bryann.

The fan had tweeted," Biggie on behalf of vibryannts thank you for freeing Bryann from Modella"

.                              The Tweet

In reply to this, modella mentioned in a video that “…whatever happens, happens. I was a fake housemate and I didn’t want him to get too attached to me and slow his game down because Bryann is my winner, Yes O! I just wanted him to stay focused…”

The fact that she is rooting for Bryann has stroked the heart of fans, especially Vibryannts who now comprehend she was just looking out for him while in the house. Her rejection to exploit his emotions for her good within the house has made twice as much her fanbase and the Internet's love for her.

With Bryann still very interested in her and with her absolute support of him, hopefully, the Brydella friendship continues as strong outside the house.

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